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Agile HR Certified Practitioner 3-Day Workshop + Certification

  • Diana Russo & HR Impact Lab, Amsterdam Seats2Meet, Oudebrugsteeg 9 Amsterdam, 1012JN Netherlands (map)

Agile HR is a revolution, defining the future of work. Become an Agile HR Certified Practitioner and future-proof your career.

This 3-day program is delivered by Agile HR Community’s Natal Dank and Diana Russo of the HR Impact Lab. It honours our shared values and principles, and maximises our complementary strengths to deliver a collaborative Agile HR training experience.

The program combines two core frameworks. The Agile People Ops Capability Model © equips you with the behaviours, skills and knowledge to apply Agile mindset to your everyday HR work. The HR Impact Lab’s 12 Ingredients Model © prepares you to be a transition leader and offers practical ‘recipes’, that can be adapted for each unique context, in order to guide Agile organisational transformation.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our programs are lovingly crafted by HR professionals for HR professionals, not tech-Agile

  • They’re intensive, practical and interactive with immediate, hands-on experience in applying Agile HR mindset and tools to real HR topics

  • Applicable to all organisational contexts – from full Agile to hybrid to companies only just beginning their Agile evolution

Benefits of the Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program

  • Understand why organisations are ‘going Agile’ and the implications for HR and the future of work

  • Gain practical tools and evidence-based methods to start applying Agile HR to your own work

  • Co-create a great employee experience using Agile HR techniques and design thinking

  • Learn to manage risk and prioritise your HR portfolio of work with stakeholders and customers, by using product owner techniques like the value/risk matrix

  • Boost your own productivity and effectiveness with Agile HR

  • Lead successful projects and design HR services that your people and leaders actually want and need

  • Be a trusted business partner able to consult on Agile and digital organisational transformation

  • Coach leaders and teams to build Agile networks of collaboration

  • Lead the implementation of Agile organisational transformation using your own recipe from the 12 ingredients

  • Explore future of work trends and translate this learning into possible future HR roles within Agile organisations

  • Begin to evolve your own HR operating model for Agile working and collaboration


Content of 3-Day Workshop

Day 1

Introduces the mindset of Agile, as a response to an increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, exploring the implications for HR and the future of work.

You’ll deep dive into Agile frameworks, discover how Agile teams and organisations work, and get comfortable with words like Scrum, Kanban and incremental development.

Next, you’ll translate Agile into HR and people practices, gaining practical tools to apply Agile HR back in your organisation.

Day 2

You’ll be exploring HR’s role in Agile organisational transformation, the importance of Agile leadership and different approaches to scaling Agile.

Next, you’ll apply Agile HR techniques to a business case study and learn how to validate decisions using data, metrics and employee experience.

Finally, you begin to explore how to evolve the HR operating model to support Agile working, collaboration and transparency through the cycle of test, learn and adapt.

Day 3

You’ll examine various HR and organizational challenges through the framework of The 12 Ingredients of Agile Organizations and learn how to create the best ‘recipe’ for different contexts - how much do you need of each ingredient and in what order?

Next, you’ll explore which HR roles are indispensable in the future and which ones will disappear in the new business landscape of Agile, transparent and connected organizations.

You’ll then enter the pressure cooker lab to test out design thinking principles, including the use of personas, to strengthen your human-centric approach and redesign HR tools and services for Agile teams and organisations.

The themes of day three are testing, learning and adapting ensuring you’re ready to go back to the workplace and put your new skills and insights immediately into action!


Choose a real HR organisational project, record a short video about what you’ve achieved, apply the Agile People Ops Capability Model and summarise your work using the slide template provided. Upon passing the assessment, you’ll receive your E-Badge and Certificate.


A – Assignment

Study the Agile People Ops Capability Model© and, using your Agile HR know-how, make it actionable back in the workplace in a real-life organisational project or redesign a previous project from your career. This project might be something you were working on prior to attending the workshop, or completely new. Summarise what you achieved using the slide template provided (maximum 5 slides) and record a short 5 minutes video to share what you learnt along the way.

B – Apply Agile People Ops Capability Model ©

Study the Agile People Ops Capability Model© and summarise how you’ve applied or could hypothetically apply each of the 10 capabilities to your work and HR role. Be as practical as you can and provide clear concrete examples using the slide template provided. Maximum 10 slides (1 slide per capability).

C – Submit for Feedback

Upload your assignment video, alongside the slide presentation for both the assignment and capability model, into the Dropbox link provided by the set date for your Agile HR Certified Practitioner Program. You’ll receive feedback and your grade within 5 workings days following the submission deadline date.

D - Feedback and Awarding Certification

Achieve a score of 65% or more against the Agile People Ops Capability Model© to receive your E-Badge and Certificate.

When reviewing your videos and slides your assessor will look for cues to demonstrate the behaviours and thinking detailed in each of the 10 Agile People Ops Capabilities. They will also look for evidence of an Agile HR mindset, alongside a skillset and theoretical understanding of how Agile HR can be applied across different organisational settings.

Agile People Ops Capability Model ©

1 Build Business Value

Commercially minded & builds people practices that help organisations delight their customer

6 Evidence-based

Thinks like a scientist to test hypotheses, busts myths & validates decisions with data

2 Agile Context

Able to speak the language of Agile & guide Agile organisational design

7 Innovate Within Constraints

Views Agile as risk mitigation & that innovation happens within clearly the defined boundaries of regulation & compliance

3 Agile HR Coach

An influencer of Agile People strategy, helping Agile practices & collaboration flourish

8 Continuous Improvement

Enables feedback loops and strives for continuous improvement at personal, team & organisational level

4 Apply Agile Philosophy, Values & Frameworks

Agile for HR – applying Agile values & frameworks to your own HR work

9 Human-centric

Values employees as human beings that have emotions, needs & ideas, rather than resources to be managed

5 Co-create Employee Experience

HR for Agile – deliver services, projects & products that support Agile practices & build a great place to work

10 Agile HR Operating Model

Appreciates Agile is opposite to blueprinting & uses the cycle of test, learn & adapt to redesign how HR teams collaborate

HR Lab’s 12 Ingredients of Organizations


Seats2Meet, Oudebrugsteeg 9, 1012JN Amsterdam

Keeping you nourished

Lunch plus all day tea/coffee and light refreshments included.

Reasons to attend

  • Your organisation is going Agile and you need to lead or be a key contributor to this transformation

  • Your tech or product unit are working Agile and you need to redesign your people practices to support this way of working

  • You want to build collaborative networks to enable innovation and agility within your business

  • You’re conscious of the future of work and are seeking ways to redesign or update HR to fit the modern world

  • You want to build great places to work and attract the best talent

  • You work in a digital, product development, creative design or a start-up company and do things differently

  • You’re sick and tired of people not liking you at parties because you work in HR! :-)


EUR 2250 plus applicable tax

You will receive an electronic invoice upon booking.  

Our cancellation terms

We offer a 100% refund if you cancel your registration up to 30 days before the event.

Further details on cancellations can be viewed here.

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