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The community and Certified training for HR professionals leading the People Operations in agile, digital and networked organisations


What is AgileHR?

AgileHR transforms the fundamental principles of HR into People Operations leading agile, digital and networked organisations. AgileHR builds a shared value within organisations between the customer, business and people. By applying...

  • A mindset based on agile values, normally associated with ‘Tech', to People Operations

  • A deliberate move away from HR ‘best practice’ and blueprinting one-size-fits-all solutions

  • Evidence-based decision making and user experimentation to validate what works and what doesn’t

  • Agile work practices, like Scrum and Kanban, to get things done

  • Design principles to develop people practices and solutions with great user experiences 

...Together we are defining the next generation of our HR profession.


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Training & Certification

What We Do

What we do is unique. We take your existing HR experience and knowledge, and we elevate your professional skills to the next level by infusing your HR know-how with Agile mindset, tools and methodology.


Experience the power of working Agile, while simultaneously learning how to apply AgileHR to your everyday HR practice.

Choose to learn the foundations only or complete the full AgileHR Certified Practitioner program.

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Become a certified AgileHR practitioner and be recognised as the next generation People Operations leader able to speak the language of an agile, digital and networked organisation.

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AgileHR Foundations - Day 1

Become equipped in the basics of AgileHR and be ready to apply essential Agile tools and techniques back in the workplace. At any time you can also decide to continue on and complete Day 2 plus Certification to become an AgileHR Certified Practitioner.

Find a city near you. Early bird discounts available.

AgileHR Certified Practitioner - Day 1 & Day 2, plus Certification Assessment 

Become a certified AgileHR practitioner by completing both Day 1 and Day 2, plus the virtual certification assessment (2-4 weeks post-program).

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About Us

We are AgileHR pioneers. We combine our extensive background in senior Human Resource Management and Organisational Development with on-the-job experience applying Agile mindset and methodology across a wide range of industries and organisations. This unique combination ensures you receive the thought leadership required to guide your professional development, and more importantly, the practical know-how to instantly translate your AgileHR skills back into your workplace.

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