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Setting the new professional standard in Human Resources and people practices. We offer training and certification across the world to help futureproof your career. 


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Agile HR Training, Certification and Community


Our programs are lovingly crafted
by HR professionals for HR professionals, not tech-Agile

They’re intensive, practical and interactive
with immediate, hands-on experience in applying Agile HR mindset and tools to real HR topics

Applicable to all organisational contexts
from full Agile to hybrid to companies just beginning their Agile evolution

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Agile HR Certified Practitioner Training

Agile HR is a revolution, defining the future of work. Become an Agile HR Certified Practitioner and future-proof your career.

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Agile People Ops Capability Model©

The behaviours, knowledge and skills that shape your learning, assess your development and help you become an influencer of Agile people strategy.

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An ongoing learning network where we share stories, ideas and direct experiences in applying Agile HR. Come and hear great speakers and a chance to network with other Agile HR enthusiasts.

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What is Agile HR?

Transforming the fundamental principles of Human Resources into People Operations leading Agile, digital and networked organisations. Agile HR aims to build a shared value between your customer, business and people.


Hear from an Agile HR Certified Practitioner

Kate Rand at Beyond recently went through our certification program. Natal Dank spoke to her about her experience and how she has applied what she learnt. Watch her brilliant interview.

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