What is Agile HR? 

Agile is rapidly emerging as the new working paradigm in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.

Across the globe organisations and teams are redesigning how they work in response to change or disruption in their market, as well as the need to gain competitive advantage through digital innovation or an enriched customer experience.

The implications of Agile for Human Resources (HR) are huge.


Current HR and people practices are increasingly out-of-touch with Agile working methods, and leaders require support in how to scale Agile and transform their organisation.

It’s also time to make HR and the workplace all about the human again, rather than managing people as resources.

Agile HR transforms the fundamental principles of HR to into People Operations leading Agile, digital and networked organisations.

The aim is to build a shared value between your customer, business and people by:

  • Mindset - Embracing the Agile mindset within HR and people practices to incrementally deliver value to your customer

  • Co-create - Applying Agile techniques, like Scrum and Kanban, to self-organise, experiment and co-create directly with your people

  • Human-centric - Building awesome, people friendly workplace practices that are validated by users

  • Evidence-based - Evidence-based decision making that delivers customer value through data, people analytics and insight

  • Agile Transformation & Leadership - Consulting on Agile and digital organisational transformation, and coaching leaders

Exploring the paradigm shift at the London Agile HR Massive Morning Meetup

Exploring the paradigm shift at the London Agile HR Massive Morning Meetup


Join us and make a positive impact on the future of work.