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Agile HR Foundations (AHRF) + Certified Practitioner (AHRP) 2-Day Workshop

  • Helsinki, Finland (map)

This 2-day intensive and highly interactive workshop is the recommended way to build your capability in Agile HR and our most popular path. The workshop takes you through the fundamentals covered in our Foundations module (AHRF), on to the tools, skills and knowledge covered in our Certified Practitioner (AHRP) module, to immediately put Agile HR into action in your organisation. This also prepares you to complete the Certification Assessment at a later date, which is included in the cost. The program is underpinned by our Agile People Ops Capability Model©.

Agile HR Foundations Module | AHRF

This part of the program introduces the mindset of Agile, as a response to an increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, exploring the implications for HR and the future of work. You deep dive into Agile frameworks, discover how Agile teams and organisations work, and get comfortable with words like Scrum, Kanban and incremental development. Next, you translate Agile into HR and people practices and gain practical tools to start applying the basics of Agile HR back in your own organisation.

The workshop is simulated like a sprint (in Scrum) and we use techniques like a Kanban board, user stories, stand-ups, retrospectives and time-boxed activities to make the learning practical and real.

There are no prerequisites to the Agile HR Foundations Module AHRF

Benefits of Agile HR Foundations

  • Confidently discuss Agile concepts and frameworks with leaders and teams
  • Gain practical tools and evidence-based methods to start applying Agile HR to your own work
  • Discover how to build a great employee experience using Agile HR techniques
  • Move beyond the Agile jargon
  • Understand why organisations are ‘going Agile’ and the implications for HR
  • Experience Agile first hand

Agile HR Certified Practitioner Module | AHRP

The second day of the program builds on your knowledge from the Foundations module and prepares you to be an influencer of the Agile people strategy. You explore HR’s role in Agile organisational transformation, the importance of Agile leadership and different approaches to scaling Agile. You apply Agile HR techniques to your own project or complex problem and learn how to validate decisions using data, metrics and employee experience. To strengthen your human-centric approach, you test out design thinking and use personas, experience mapping and user stories. Finally, you begin to explore how to evolve the HR operating model to support Agile working, collaboration and transparency through the cycle of test, learn and adapt. 
After completing the Agile HR Certified Practitioner, you undertake the certification assessment generally 2-4 weeks post program to further strengthen your real-world application of Agile HR.

Benefits of Agile HR Certified Practitioner

  • Learn to manage risk and deliver twice the work in half the time
  • Build a great employee experience using Agile HR techniques
  • Boost your own productivity and effectiveness with Agile HR
  • Lead successful change projects that your people and leaders actually want and need
  • Be a trusted business partner able to consult on Agile organisational transformation
  • Positively contribute to the future of work

The Agile HR Foundations Module AHRF is a prerequisite to the Agile HR Certified Practitioner Module AHRP

Certification Assessment

The certification assessment comprises a video conference, where you present and discuss an application assignment, a prepared case study and a common Agile HR scenario. This assessment supports your ongoing development and application of Agile HR back in the workplace.

The knowledge, skills and behaviours you demonstrate are assessed against our Agile People Ops Capability Model©. Your assessors are looking for evidence of an Agile HR mindset and a theoretical understanding of how to apply Agile across different examples and organisational settings. You receive feedback and a rating for each capability, the total of which determines your assessment result. A pass rate of 65% is required to become certified.

The Agile Foundations Module AHRF and Certified Practitioner AHRP Modules are prerequisites to Certification Assessment.


The venue is at a central location and details are confirmed upon registration. 

Keeping you nourished

Lunch plus all day tea/coffee and light refreshments included.

Reasons to attend

  • Your organisation is going Agile and you need to lead or be a key contributor to this transformation
  • Your tech or product unit are working Agile and you need to redesign your people practices to support this way of working
  • You want to build collaborative networks to enable innovation and agility within your business
  • You’re conscious of the future of work and are seeking ways to redesign or update HR to fit the modern world
  • You want to build great places to work and attract the best talent
  • You work in a digital, product development, creative design or a start-up company and do things differently
  • You’re sick and tired of people not liking you at parties because you work in HR! :-)


EUR 1750 (plus applicable tax)

You receive an electronic invoice upon booking.

Our cancellation terms

We offer a 100% refund if you cancel your registration up to 30 days before the event.

Further details on cancellations can be viewed here.

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