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Webinar | Agile HR | Reinventing Human Resources for the Future of Work

  • Sydney & Melbourne Time Australia (map)

As a result of our rapidly changing business world and the need to support Agile organisational transformation, the HR profession are currently in catch-up mode. Not only do we need to quickly understand what Agile means in order to guide wider business transformation, but also begin to apply the mindset ourselves to modernise and innovate our own ways of working.

Agile HR is an exciting new topic, but it can be intimidating at first and hard to contextualise. Our free webinar helps you understand what Agile is, explore why organisations across the world are ‘going Agile’ and how HR can apply the mindset and tools to reinvent our people practices.


  • Free introduction to the core elements of Agile HR

  • Get a true feeling for the mindset and ways of working

  • On the spot ideas on how to start Agile HR today

Core content

  • Agile HR - Why now? Global workplace trends and the implications for HR

  • Core elements of Agile and how these can be applied within HR – using the handy ‘Agile in a Nutshell’ infographic

  • Open discussion of Agile HR case studies and participant questions to connect the learning back to your own role and organisation


Natal Dank, an Agile HR pioneer and co-founder of the Agile HR Community, will facilitate our main discussion. Natal will also share case studies from the clients she works with globally and discuss ideas on how to evolve HR and people practices for the future of work.

Guest Speaker

Jane Weir, Agile HR leader and Agile HR Community partner based in Sydney, will join us to offer insights and learning from her own experiences in developing Agile teams, guiding wider organisational transformation and kick-starting an Agile mindset change within HR.


45 minutes including participant questions


Wednesday 21st August 2019

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  • Australian Eastern Standard Time - 16:00

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  • Indian Time - 11:30

  • Dubai Time – 10:00

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  • British Summer Time - 07:00

  • Central Africa Time – 07:00

  • Central European Summer Time - 08:00

  • Eastern European Summer Time - 09:00