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Agile HR Meetup San Francisco | Agile & Performance

  • Capital One 201 3rd Street, 5th Floor San Francisco, CA United States (map)

The Agile HR Meetup comes to San Francisco for the first time! Our hosts are the Bay Area Agile Leadership Network and our theme looks at how to reinvent Performance Management for Agile teams and organisations. The Agile HR Meetup is a vital learning global network for HR, Learning and Development (L&D), Agile and, People and Culture professionals, on a mission to innovate HR and transform the profession for the future of work. Join us and help shape the discussion at the Agile HR Community.

Performance Management and Agile. Will that work?

A core aim of Agile HR is to design people practices that help make people be awesome at work. Performance Management is often seen as a huge impediment for Agile ways of working. How can we start developing Performance Management practices that support Agile ways of working, team collaboration and new Agile operative models?

Our hosts

We’re partnering with the Bay Area Agile Leadership Network, a great local community who help demystify Agile and discuss, develop and promote techniques for the management of Agile projects and organisations.

Meet Riina Hellström

A global pioneer of Agile HR and Agile Enterprise Coach, Riina Hellström, will facilitate the Meetup and explore the theme “Agile HR: Exploring Performance Management within Agile Operative Models”.

Riina will get you started with what Agile HR is all about and then facilitate an interactive session about Performance Management in an Agile setting, and explore the topics of target setting, performance reviews, ratings and feedback.

The session is designed for HR professionals, people in management positions and Agile professionals, with the aim of bringing these worlds closer to co-create people practices that help make people be awesome at work!

Benefits gained from the interactive session

  • Understand the complexity of performance management to then understand how you can start changing these practices

  • Know how performance management practices differ between traditional and Agile operative systems

  • Explore examples and ideas on Agile performance management practices, from extreme to moderate

What is Agile HR?

Transforming the fundamental principles of HR into People Operations leading Agile, digital and networked organisations. Agile HR aims to build a shared value between your customer, business and people by:

  • Mindset - Embracing the Agile mindset within Human Resources and people practices to incrementally deliver value to your customer.

  • Co-Create - Applying Agile techniques, like Scrum and Kanban, to self-organise, experiment and co-create directly with your people.

  • Human-centric - Building awesome, people friendly workplace practices that are validated by users

  • Evidence-based - Evidence-based decision making that delivers customer value through data, people analytics and insight.

  • Agile Transformation & Leadership - Consulting on Agile and digital organisational transformation, and coaching leaders

  • Employee Experience - Enriching the people experience at work and taking care of the human

What to Expect on the Night?

  • An opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow HR professionals and leading Agile HR practitioners

  • Group discussion, two-way dialogue and sharing of stories

  • Drinks and snacks to keep you nourished

  • Guest speakers from people leading the way in Agile HR

  • Tweet on the night to hashtag #AGILEHR

Where and When?

Venue: Capital One, 201 3rd Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA

Start time: 6.30pm kickoff

End time: 9.00pm

Who Should Come?

All HR, L&D and Agile professionals. Open to anyone willing and able to innovate the human side of their workplace.

Agile HR Community Certified Practitioner Program | San Francisco | 18th & 19th Sept

Agile HR is a revolution, defining the future of work. The Agile HR Community provides training and certification workshops that help you acquire these new skills, apply them directly in your work and future-proof your career. Join the next Agile HR Certified Practitioner program in San Francisco on 18th & 19th Sept.

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