Face to Face Workshops

Intensive and interactive two day deep dives into AgileHR and how to apply the mindset and methodology to your everyday HR practice. Our workshops offer an immediate, hands-on experience in AgileHR by using Agile methodologies to structure how you learn. Dynamic and interactive by design our learning format uses Agile methodologies to ensure you experience the power of AgileHR first hand as you learn. 


the why?

  • History of society, management and human resources (why Agile now?)
  • Complexity theory and systems thinking
  • Implications for HR

AgileHR Mindset

  • Deep dive into Agile methodology and practices
  • Basic introduction to Scrum and Kanban
  • Agile for HR (applying the methodology) and HR for Agile (re-designing HR to meet the needs of Agile)

Customer Focus in HR

  • Service design - customer value + employee value drives business value
  • Evidenced based HR (data and analytics)
  • User experimentation and lean start-up in HR

practical application 

  • Apply AgileHR to your own HR topic

  • Map out a vision and pathway to start AgileHR back in your workplace

  • Group presentation, feedback and personal learning

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