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An ongoing learning network and community of practice where we share stories, ideas and direct experiences in applying AgileHR. 



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Become a Local AgileHR Community Facilitator

Build the AgileHR community in your local area and be part of a growing global network. Help promote local Meetups, share cases, ideas and inspiration worldwide. Keep in touch with other facilitators across the globe. Get in touch.

Share stories from your local AgileHR meetups in our community

Share stories, videos, posts and tweets under the hashtags #AgileHR and #AgileHRCo, or link to our @AgileHRCo handle. We’ll share, because we care.

Become a guest blogger/vlogger/content producer for the community

We want to share stories that resonate and make a difference. We want to hear cases and watch videos from Agile and lean People Operations. If you want to share your content or want us to share it, contact us! (We will curate the content to keep it relevant and top class).

Become or look for an #AgileHR speaker

We speak at Agile, lean and HR conferences regularly, as well as network with people who organise AgileHR events.

Speakers: Inform us about your talk subject, your bio, your pricing, and possibly videos of your previous talks, and we can be a contact point for finding events in your local area.

Conference or Meetup organisers: Get in contact for keynotes, case studies or professional talks from the AgileHR community.

Announce an AgileHR job

If you are looking for an international #AgileHR professional, our community is a great place to look for the perfect match. First, we will ensure that the position truly is #AgileHR and then market your open position to the community.


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AgileHR community meetups and events 

Connect with AgileHR professionals in your local area and learn how to continually innovate your own practice from a variety of case studies, experiences and thought leadership. 


collaborate on facebook

Join our AgileHR Community Facebook group and find fellow AgileHR professionals discussing familiar issues and learning from each other. Ask for advice, lend your view, share stories and articles or just read - everyone is welcome. 

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