It’s easy to say 'I do AgileHR’ but most people lack the practical know-how. The AgileHR Certification genuinely challenges your learning, takes you out of your comfort zone and sets the new professional standard in HR. Future-proof yourself! 


Achieving Certification

1. Complete the full AgileHR Certified Practitioner program, alongside pre-work and post-course reading (note if you decide to start with AgileHR Foundations Day 1 only, you can decide to complete Day 2 and the certification assessment at a later date).

2. Choose your preferred HR topic area from the following list:

  • Talent (attraction, recruitment, on-boarding, engagement and development)
  • Performance and growth (people, capabilities and teams)
  • Learning and development
  • Organisation design and operational models (structure, leading HR, executive team support and coaching, planning, reporting and follow-up)
  • Leadership and management
  • HR operations and services (employee lifecycle, admin processes and services, payroll, wellbeing, absence)
  • Incentives, rewards and benefits
  • HR information systems and technology (development, sourcing, implementation and adoption)

3. Prepare your application assignment by applying your AgileHR know-how to a real organisational project or redesign an earlier case/project from your career.

4. Prepare your solution and suggestions to an AgileHR case study, keeping in mind The Agile People Ops Capability Model©. Get ready to present your thinking to your assessors virtually.

5. Undertake the virtual certification assessment (1 hour video call):

a. Application assignment presentation and discussion (approx. 30 minutes) 

b. Present your ideas and thoughts on the AgileHR case study displaying The Agile People Ops Capability Model© behaviours and thinking (approx. 20 minutes).

c. Towards the end of the assessment a new unprepared hypothetical component is introduced to assess your ability in applying AgileHR mindset and practices in the moment (approx. 10 minutes)

6. Achieve a 65% pass grade against The Agile People Ops Capability Model© and receive feedback from your assessor/s

  • You receive feedback on the ten Agile People Ops Capabilities © according to the behaviours, thinking and skills demonstrated.

7. You are certified! And you are now certain that AgileHR Certified Practitioners really know what they are talking about.



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The Agile People Ops Capability Model©


Certifying Your Capability in AgileHR

Your skills, behaviour and thinking demonstrated in the AgileHR certification assessment are measured against the following 10 capabilities. 

  • AHR1 - Comprehends business value
  • AHR2 - Understands agile and digital business operating models
  • AHR3 - Is a true AgileHR business partner
  • AHR4 - Applies agile philosophy and methodologies
  • AHR5 - Validates HR service design through experimentation and employee experience
  • AHR6 - Works in an evidenced-based way
  • AHR7 - Works creatively within the boundaries of company size, compliance and regulations
  • AHR8 - Enables collaboration, feedback loops and networks across the organisation
  • AHR9 - Is human-centric and works according to Agile values
  • AHR10 - Evolves the HR operating model for Agile working and collaboration


© 2017 Natal Dank and Riina Hellström, All rights reserved

© 2017 Agile People Ops, All rights reserved

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AgileHR Foundations - Day 1


*plus applicable tax

Continue on and complete Day 2 plus certification to become an AgileHR Certified Practitioner at a later date for £1500* 

AgileHR Certified Practitioner - Day 1 & Day 2, plus Certification Assessment


*plus applicable tax


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