'Agile HR in a Nutshell' Infographic Global Launch Webinar | Video

Imagine, you’re just getting to grips with Agile and specifically Agile HR, wishing there was a handy diagram summarising the key elements of this brave, new way of working. Well, the Agile HR Community has collaborated with Mia Kolmodin of Dandy People to add an Agile HR infographic to Mia’s popular ‘In a Nutshell’ series. We recently ran a couple of free webinars to celebrate the global launch of this learning resource and as a guide to using it. Watch the webinar below.


All You Need to Know

Natal, Riina and Mia, introduce the concept of Agile HR, before deep diving into every feature of the ‘Agile HR in a Nutshell’ infographic. From ‘Agile for HR’ and ‘HR for Agile’ to co-creation, Agile organisations and Cynefin, all is made clear.

Free Download

You can download the ‘Agile HR in a Nutshell’ here.

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Natal Dank