Agile HR in a Nutshell Launch

Learn how Agile HR is reinventing Human Resources and defining the future of work through our interactive webinars.

Recently, Riina Helström and Natal Dank from the Agile HR Community teamed up with the talented Mia Kolmodin, from Dandy People, who crafts the fabulous Agile in a Nutshell series to create the first ‘Agile HR in a Nutshell’ free infographic resource. Join our global webinar to learn how this excellent learning resource will help all Agile HR enthusiasts, from active practitioners to budding learners.

FREE: download the Agile HR in a Nutshell poster in high resolution


What to Expect from these Webinars?

  • Why organisations and teams are ‘going Agile’ and the implications for HR and the future of work

  • What is Agile HR and how it is transforming the HR profession?

  • Meet Riina Helström and Natal Dank from the Agile HR Community

  • Explore the Agile HR in a Nutshell infographic and the core elements of Agile HR

  • Understand the new knowledge, behaviours and skills Agile HR demands from a HR professional

  • Open question and answer discussion



Riina Helström and Natal Dank, co-founders of the Agile HR Community


Agile HR pioneers, who founded the Agile HR Community to ensure world class professional standards in a discipline they love and are proud to lead.

Riina and Natal combine an extensive background in senior Human Resource Management and Organisational Development with on-the-job experience applying Agile mindset and methodology across a wide range of industries and organisations. This unique combination ensures you receive the thought leadership required to guide your professional development, and more importantly, the practical know-how to instantly translate your Agile HR skills back into your workplace.


The Agile HR Community

The Agile HR Community is a direct answer to the gap that currently exists between what is taught by HR professional bodies and universities, and the real world where HR needs to design and lead Agile, digital and networked organisations across the globe.


Training Workshops & Certification

We regularly hold training workshops in cities in the UK, Europe and Australia. You can find out more about the workshops contents and certification process here.


When are the Webinars?

We usually run two webinars, each of which is timed to suit a selection of timezones. Of course, you’re welcome to join any session wherever you are.

We don’t have any webinars planned just now. Please check back later or get in touch and we’ll notify you.

Alternatively, you can watch a recording of the last webinar here.


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