About Us

We founded the Agile HR Community to ensure world class professional standards in a discipline we love and are proud to lead.

We combine our extensive background in senior Human Resource Management and Organisational Development with on-the-job experience applying Agile mindset and methodology across a wide range of industries and organisations. This unique combination ensures you receive the thought leadership required to guide your professional development, and more importantly, the practical know-how to instantly translate your Agile HR skills back into your workplace.

The Agile HR Community is a direct answer to the gap that currently exists between what is taught by HR professional bodies and universities, and the real world where HR needs to design and lead Agile, digital and networked organisations across the globe.

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Riina Hellström

I'm an Agile HR pioneer and enterprise organisational development professional. I was one of the first to start working with #AgileHR in 2010, when I began the Finnish Agile HR network with over a thousand members to date. With a solid background in HR, I've now trained hundreds of HR professionals in Lean HR and Agile HR.

I work as a development and change architect, supporting change on scale and all levels of an organisation, involving agile and lean methodologies, progressive training and facilitation, people technology, advanced analytics and cognitive computing. I use agile ways to accelerate companies into the next digital era of people operations.

I hold a M. Sc. degree in technology, a few agile certificates, I'm also a professional certified coach and have an Executive Master’s degree in applied neuroscience from Middlesex University, bringing theoretical background and hard science to my work.

My specialty is getting things planned with an agile twist, from a modern and respectful change perspective, and then engaging people into participating and getting things done, delivered, together.

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Twitter: @extemporea

LinkedIn: RiinaHellstrom

Riina is also the co-founder and partner of PeopleGeeks - learn more at peoplegeeks.net

Natal Dank

My passion is helping leaders, organisations and brands build awesome places to work, where talented people want to be.

I’ve worked with organisations both great and small to embrace the Agile mindset, redefine their culture and co-create healthy, happy and financially successful working environments.   

I combine my extensive background in human resources, organisational development and workplace learning with innovative Agile practices, to offer a truly unique and transformative approach. The more I witness the energy Agile HR ignites, the more convinced I become of its restorative power, not just for the HR profession but for the future of work. I founded the #AgileHR Meetup community in London and Amsterdam, and delivered some the first Agile HR training in the UK and Europe.  

I hold a Masters in Adult Education, Organisational and Workplace Learning, plus Honours in Economics Social Science. I'm certified by the CIPD, the British Psychological Society and in numerous Agile qualifications and roles.

My aim is disrupt the Human Resources profession for good of humans.

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Twitter: @NatalDank

LinkedIn: NatalDank

Natal is also the founder and director of Southern Blue - learn more at southern-blue-consulting.com